Microsoft’s news reviewer will not review government hoaxes


Microsoft’s Fact Check extension will start working in Spain from 2024

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NewsGuardassociated with the company MicrosoftAll news in Spain will be verified from 2024 “except those that come from the government,” according to sources from the tech giant who confirmed to OKDIARIO. Specifically, the company headed by Steven Brill and Gordon Crovitz considers the current acting CEO, Pedro Sanchez, “trustworthy” and does not have to review his posts. Almudena Mirandawho specializes in digital marketing and social media, believes that the tool Fact check From the New York entity “will not evaluate the sites .Sailor no .edu Any government documents and publications.

Therefore, the news verification company will not monitor the authenticity of pages like these MoncloaOr those of government ministries or universities. However, the tool will be used for review Press publications Spanish and can be used through the browser Microsoft Edge And search engine Neva.

The Microsoft extension that verifies news will not review posts from government pages such as La Moncloa

Verified by Microsoft

The procedure will be simple. According to NewsGuardthe “fact check” extension applies to nine Basic and non-political standards Journalistic practice for each site, resulting in a score from 0 to 100, a Green or red classification And the nutritional label. and that is, Programming It tracks “online misinformation” and gives it a score based on what the company determines.

According to Miranda, “NewsGuard is a Microsoft program that verifies news.” The expert explains that the goal of this method is: European Union (The European Union) is the only verifier of the news Social media» Within the community lands.

Company employees decide which rating each portal should receive. “The team of journalists at NewsGuard has been tracking misinformation online since 2018, using Human intelligence “To evaluate and create food labels that indicate the overall reliability of online news and information sources,” the company says.

This Microsoft accessory verification procedure will arrive in Spain. “In 2022, the European Union made a decision,” Miranda explains Code of good practice on disinformation To put this into practice, it has entered into an agreement with NewsGuard. “At the moment it is being tested (in other countries on the continent), but after the agreement with the European Union, the trend will be to have a unified standard and use NewsGuard throughout the community area,” says the expert.

Currently, NewsGuard’s ratings database covers all news and information sites, accounting for 95% of online engagement France, Germany, Italyhe United kingdom And the United States of Americain addition to 90% of participation Canada, and its data is now available to Italians, according to NewsGuard. However, there are no government portals among the pages that the program scans.

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