Microsoft says goodbye to Kinect… again

Microsoft The end has been announced again kinectthe historic surroundings that it was originally developed for Xbox 360 And later used in the business sector. The latest version of the hardware, otherwise known as azure kinecthas been discontinued and will be available for purchase through October or while supplies last.

Although the devices will no longer be produced, the SDK will still be available for download, so users who already own the device will be able to continue using it without issue. Microsoft It has licensed the technology to other companies such as Analog Devices, SICK AG, and Orbbec, which have developed their own hardware solutions based on kinect.

The first version of kinect It was launched in 2010 as a motion capture sensor for Xbox 360But it didn’t make much impact due to the lack of compatible games and the need to connect them to the console. Despite these obstacles, Microsoft Released an improved version of kinect to Xbox One and variable to windows.

in 2017, Microsoft I decided to stop issuing kinect to Xbox OneBut he did not completely abandon technology. Part of it has been incorporated into the project HoloLens And in 2019 it was launched azure kinect Focusing on the business sector, taking advantage of the cloud infrastructure of Microsoft.

for the ultimate purpose kinectIt remains to be seen if any companies have licensed this technology Microsoft You will be able to create successful devices based on this kinect.

via: Subway Americas

Editor’s note: Was he still alive? kinect It was unfortunate, because I think there are so many ways to exploit it, especially outside of consoles, maybe we weren’t ready for this technology, as it was with virtual reality, I remember seeing virtual reality headsets from the ’90s and it turns out a few how many years has virtual reality been all this anger. I wouldn’t be surprised then kinect Will be back in the future.

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