Microsoft plans to release space RPG on Sony console, according to XboxEra (Updated)

  • The company has adopted a change in its strategy and will open its borders to exclusives

  • Hi-Fi Rush is aiming to arrive on PS5 and Nintendo Switch in the first quarter of 2024

Updated 11:44 p.m: from the edge They also contacted a source close to Microsoft and learned that Indiana Jones and the Great Circle is considered another game to launch on PS5. Its landing will be a few months after it arrives on Xbox Series and PC, as the MachineGames title is scheduled to be released in December 2024, according to published information.

It is known that strategy Microsoft Looking to the future is opening the doors of the ecosystem X-BoxAnd even publish some of its exclusive titles on other systems. Hi-Fi Rush's arrival on Nintendo Switch and PS5 seems imminent and a Starfield role can be seen on the horizon.

At least that's the information they've since revealed XboxEra. The media reported that it had communicated with anonymous sources regarding the company's plans and everything pointed to that The space RPG will land on Sony's console. Moreover, Microsoft aims to achieve this after the launch of the large DLC that Bethesda is preparing.

Shattered Space is the name of the already announced expansion for the Xbox Series com. starfield It is playable on PS5 which is why it has made a strong investment to acquire development kits for the Japanese platform.

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On the other hand, people consulted by the publication revealed that the internal debate at Microsoft about exclusivity was really tense. Initially, Sarah Bond, the current head of Xbox, confirmed this com. starfield It was completely exclusive, so this statement will no longer be valid. The brand's senior leaders have debated the pros and cons of launching proprietary software outside of their home country, and while not everyone agrees, The main argument was economic.

Microsoft values ​​the potential money it can make by pushing the boundaries and releasing its strongest games on other consoles. So much so that they collect it in the middle Heavy Rush It will arrive on competing platforms in the first quarter of 2024 and it is very likely that the company will do so Public announcement this month of the strategy they have adopted.

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