Microsoft is investing $3.2 billion in AI infrastructure in the UK

Microsoft is about to launch a $3.2 billion investment in the UK for AI infrastructure and training.

This is the company’s largest investment in the UK since it began operating in the region 40 years ago.

Microsoft as a company is committed to ensuring that the UK as a country has world-leading AI infrastructure, easy access to the skills people need, and wide-ranging safety and security protections.

Artificial intelligence infrastructure

Brad Smith, Vice President and President of Microsoft, described Invest in a company blog post. Smith said that in addition to the $3.2 billion, the company will give UK researchers and companies priority access to the Accelerated Foundation Modeling Research Programme:

“This infrastructure investment will help meet the massive demand for computing power dedicated to efficient, scalable and sustainable AI and the needs of the private and public sectors hoping to leverage the latest advances in cloud and AI.”

Artificial intelligence training

Microsoft will also make a multibillion-dollar investment “to train one million people in the skills they need to develop and work with artificial intelligence.”

This includes initial training for unskilled workers hoping to enter the field of artificial intelligence. According to Smith, “The program will focus on enhancing AI fluency, developing technical skills in AI, supporting AI business transformation, and promoting the safe and responsible development and use of AI.”

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According to Smith, the training will include “the first professional certification in generative artificial intelligence.” It will also provide follow-up and advanced training for professionals in this sector.

Future trainers will be required to complete Microsoft’s “Responsible AI” training to ensure they “adhere to the ethics and principles of responsible development of AI solutions,” Smith wrote.

Artificial intelligence in the UK

United kingdom celebrate The news is in a blog post from the Office of the Minister of Finance. According to advisor Jeremy Hunt, the UK leads Europe in artificial intelligence through its efforts in this area, contributing about $4.7 billion to the bloc and employing more than 50,000 people.

Hunt described the investment as a “vote of confidence” for the UK:

“The UK is the technology hub of Europe, with an ecosystem worth more than Germany and France combined, and this investment is another vote of confidence in us as a scientific superpower.”

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