Microsoft hosted the world’s first Excel tournament

You are not reading wrong: There is an Excel session. Microsoft has organized a competition that seeks not only to promote esports, but also to prove that many tools used daily can be useful for competitions. Yes, as you can perform formulas and calculations related to the data.

This tournament, known as the Financial Modeling World Cup, seeks to meet the eight best financial designers in the world with their Excel skills. The winner received about $20,000, so it is common for people from different countries, such as the United States, Canada or the United Kingdom, to participate.

Where Balbitos 24 You can place different bets in such exciting competitions like this one. In this case, the winner of the competition was Michael Jarman, a Canadian citizen. He managed to get an impressive figure of 700 points, resulting in about 13 correct answers from the tests taken.

This is a new sign of the growth of esports and that, in a sense, everything we do on a computer or console can easily be competitive. This means that there will be people who really enjoy watching the competition in such extravagant sports, because the very idea of ​​the sport is being redefined.

The importance of esports

While the tournament excel It may sound crazy, and it won’t be surprising that over the next few years, other interesting contests start popping up for just about any activity you can imagine that can be done on a computer. For example, graphic designers, copywriters or programmers.
With the advent of esports, the reality seems to be that more and more young people are interested in these sports rather than traditional sports. Although the NBA, tennis or football still has a huge audience, more and more teens are supplementing the consumption of these disciplines by envisioning virtual tournaments.

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We can see it in Fortnite, Counter Strike or FIFA World Tournaments, where bookmakers keep track of these events and allow players to make their predictions. For those who see it as a simple source of pleasure, they should know that they can also make big profits from it.

In this sense, it is enough to enter Twitch, monitor how different players communicate with each other and organize various competitions. Although not all of them are official, this shows that more and more tournaments can be organized where celebrities and professionals, who make a living from these sports, put their skills to the test.

In short, this Excel course shows us that we should not be biased towards technological activities. Anything we can think of can generate competition, so sooner or later there will be professionals from every branch of the internet who can monetize by showing the world what they know how to do.

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