Micron is out of control

“I think the battle inside my body is still going on. I feel it too: My dry, hissing cough is back today, and there’s some kind of source of irritation on one side of my sinuses. I keep sleeping too, not in a peaceful way, but in a message “I can’t keep my eyes out.” Open again.”


This was mentioned in another paragraph of the text “It is very clear that the new variant of Omicron is completely out of control in the UK. And probably in the entire human world” and he admitted he felt “a little bad and frustrated”.

“For everyone around you, use caution (masks, social distancing, common sense) and only go to a meeting indoors if you’re really sure the risk is worth it. Like I used to say. Mom (half-jokingly) and concluded that post, which reaped More than 160 thousand likes.

A day later, the guitarist updated the information with a new post and another photo of the test, which, although showing improvement, is still positive. Freddie Mercury’s side stated, “It’s a reminder that the monster is still in my body. I can still feel it too.”


In addition, he highlighted the importance of vaccination and emphasized that he was sure the vaccine would protect him, stressing that according to his research, the Omicron variant is more contagious than others but “less lethal.”

“It must be said that this whole pandemic has taught us a thing or two in terms of acting wisely in the face of spreading pathogens, right? Stay home!!! With love, wild,” Close the message you shared on your Instagram.

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The 74-year-old May is a musician, animal activist, and astrophysicist. During the pandemic, he has been a staunch advocate of vaccines and has harshly criticized anti-vaccines, calling them “crazy” and saying he doesn’t understand them.

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