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Micro, small and medium enterprises account for 90% of firms, between 60 and 70% of employment and 50% of global GDP. As the backbone of societies around the world, Contribute to local and national economies and preserving livelihoods, especially among the poorest workers, women, youth and other vulnerable groups.

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Day

It is celebrated on June 27th Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Dayto recognize the importance of small businesses to the Sustainable Development Goals and the need to facilitate access to credit and financing. The proposal was submitted by Argentina with the support of 54 Member States and was approved by acclamation on April 6, 2017 at the United Nations General Assembly.

Multiple simultaneous crises have changed the global business environment for entrepreneurs and MSMEs. Moreover, conflicts, dependence on commodities, geopolitical tensions, and pandemics lead to social and economic instability, This makes MSMEs highly vulnerable to high rates of inflation and supply chain disruptions.

the Business run by women and youth They are often at risk of suffering from the effects of external shocks. The percentage and total number of companies founded by women and youth are increasing worldwide. but, You are having difficulty getting affordable financingsupporting capacity development, alliance networks and global markets; Therefore, they need help to overcome many obstacles that often slow down the growth of their business, limiting many of them to casual work or entrepreneurship out of necessity.

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Building a stronger future together

This is the year 2023 Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises DayThere will be an event dedicated to celebrating the critical role of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in achieving 2030 Agenda for sustainable development. Follow the event live UN Web TV:
part One | The second part

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Obtaining financing is disproportionately difficult for small businesses In Least Developed Countries (LDCs), 41% of SMEs in these countries say that access to finance is a serious impediment to their growth and development, compared to 30% in developing countries. middle-income (PRM) and only 15% in high-income countries (PRA).

by 2030 600 million jobs will be needed to accommodate the growing global workforcewhich makes the development of small and medium enterprises a high priority for many governments around the world.

with information from the United Nations.

Is your organization socially responsible and working in favor of sustainability?

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