Mexico's women's national football team achieves a historic victory by defeating the United States 2-0 (video)

MEXICO CITY (apro).- On February 26, the Mexican women's national soccer team defeated the United States 2-0 in the CONCACAF Gold Cup. This is the second time in history that they have succeeded in winning, as they have faced each other 44 times. With this result, the Mexicans move to first place in Group A.

The Americans entered this match leading Group A with six points, as they won their first match over the Dominican Republic 5-0 and in the second over Argentina 4-0. The draw assured them of finishing the match at the top of the table.

For its part, Mexico ranked second in the group with four points, after drawing 0-0 with Albiceleste and defeating the Dominican Republic 8-0. Today's duel will determine where the tricolor team advances to the next round.

Despite playing as a guest in the protocol, the Mexican fans supported the tricolor team. The team did not waste this position and made the stadium its home. The play that made the difference in the match came in the 16th minute, when Rayadas player Rebecca Bernal cleared her goal and Las Tozas midfielder Carla Neto grabbed the rebound, sending the ball three-quarters of the way into the goal. Field of competitors.

The American defense was unable to intercept the pass well, and it was kept by Lizbeth Ovalley of the Tigers. The midfielder, from the edge of the penalty area with the goalkeeper out of her court, kicked the ball into the net.

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Despite the goal scored, Mexico remained committed to the attack, and in the 45+3 minute they were close to increasing the lead. The American Kiana Palacios held on to the ball during a counterattack, and waited for the arrival of Carla Nieto, who shot from the right side from outside the area, but the shot hit the crossbar. The first half ended with the score 1-0 in favor of Mexico.

In the second half, the Americans were more aggressive. In the 77th minute, midfielder Rose Lavelle advanced on the baseline from the right side and sent a cross, which Pachuca goalkeeper Estefani Barreras tried to cut off. However, the ball fell into the hands of striker Trinity Rodman, who shot, but Tigers defender Greta Espinosa prevented the goal from falling.

Six minutes before the end of normal time, Xolos midfielder Mayra Pelayo burst from midfield to unleash a right hand that was barely blocked by goalkeeper Alyssa Naeher, who also managed to contain Yasmin Casarez's counterattack.

Pelayo continued his search for the goal and in the 90+1 minute he was able to put his name on the scoreboard. The Xolos player took the ball from the left side, dribbled it closer to her right leg, and when they gave her space, she shot it. His shot was the final goal of the 2-0 match. The United States is undefeated in 81 matches against CONCACAF teams.

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With this result, Mexico not only finished first in Group A and qualified for the next stage of the CONCACAF Gold Cup W, but also achieved its second victory in history against the United States. The first time they achieved this was in the 2010 World Cup Final, when they beat the Stars and Stripes 2-1 in the final. On that occasion, the goals were scored by Mexico's Maribel Dominguez and Veronica Pérez.

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