Mexico’s Cultural Ambassadors to the UK: Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera

Mexico It has a historical heritage and creativity that makes it a cultural force with an international reach. Likewise, it has a rich and diverse millennial culture and, above all, a wide range of contemporary artistic and cultural manifestations that contribute to our country’s image abroad. On the other hand, relations with other countries allow the convergence of various political, economic and social sectors, and links are established.

Mexico s United kingdom Diplomatic relations began in 1826, by signing an agreement Treaty of Friendship, Navigation and Commerce. However, in 1861, the Mexican government suspended foreign debt payments, which led to a break between the governments; But it was restored during the presidency Porfirio Diaz. In 1938 they were suspended again, and did not resume until 1941. Since then, the relationship between Mexico s United kingdomo Deepening in all areas.

These two centuries of bilateral relations between the two countries are important not only for the economic impact, but also for the educational and cultural opportunities that are activated. Culture is a facilitator of these exchanges and a bridge of rapprochement between the nations of the international community.

Recently, the opening London From “Mexican Geniuses: An Immersive Experience for Frida and Diego”It is the first multisensory, audiovisual and scenographic exhibition of two of the most famous Mexican artists of all time, beginning the world tour of this immersion in world Mexican art.

The way in which the identity of Mexicans, through their creativity and originators, is increasingly appreciated throughout the world, is becoming global. And so, from Brain Hunter, the company I lead, dedicated to promoting the art and culture of Mexico, along with Fever, a leading global platform for the promotion of entertainment, we have begun the international tour of this experience in the capital of the United States, Kingdom Fair that will continue its way through other European cities, America and the Middle East .

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World of creativity Frida s Diegothe heritage artists of our nation, so vast, with immense wealth. Frida He built a unique artistic language, based on an exciting and intense personal life and his interpretation of important elements of the cultural wealth of our country. Diego, the greatest exponent of Mexican mural painting, with a strong social responsibility, portrayed the many aspects of our country and saw far beyond giving a vision of the social processes resulting from global development.

Mexican Geniuses: An Immersive Experience for Frida and Diego seeks to bring the art of these two creators of Mexican heritage to large audiences; We are facing an act of cultural diplomacy that builds networks for better coexistence and international understanding.


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