Mexico wins bronze at the World Cheerleading Championships – El Financiero

A total of 16 young Mexican fans competed in World Cheerleading Championship 2021global event cheer up and dance organized by international cheerleading federationWhere, along with the coach Mariana Lopez Perez Bronze Medal in Category Junior Boom.

The representative of this team of young girls between the ages of 11 and 16 spoke about the competition that, for the first time and due to the pandemic, the event should have taken place via the virtual network, as technology has provided the opportunity for the genre. of people to do their work and show that there is no ‘impossible’.

“This event always happens in a complex Disney in Orlando; It was very difficult to transfer it to all countries this year. They warned us on August 13th, and this time because it was hypothetical they focused us on Mexico City From September 16 to 19,” Mariana Lopez commented.

the choice tricolor They developed a massive feat that uniquely placed them at the bottom United State, the country that won the gold medal; While the second place went to the girls who represented Russia.

The way the contestants were ranked was through an app that was set up so that participants submit, through a video clip of a maximum of two minutes, the routine that was reviewed in detail by the various judges. After conducting the analysis and the result, two weeks later, a conference was broadcast to announce the winners.

“The dynamics of scoring was very strict: we could only score once a day and we only had three chances. It was like a competition. The girls were wearing costumes, hair and make-up. If something was wrong, it couldn’t be changed,” the Mexican coach explained.

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The choreography must be accompanied by the music they created themselves for participation. Some of the technical items rated by the professionals were: floor gymnastics, ballet swings and jumps.

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