Mexico updates list of countries that can enter without a visa: does it include Cuba?

At the end of this October, the Mexican government updated the list of citizens of countries who do not require a visa to enter Mexico. They also approved the procedure for requesting transit visas for a number of foreigners. How did Cubans appear in this update?

A new immigration measure took effect in Mexico on October 22, 2023. It includes a visa requirement for foreign tourists who want to visit the country or stop at its airports. This provision is similar to what the United States applies and will have some exceptions depending on the nationality of travellers.

According to Article 37 of the Mexican Immigration Law, the visa will be mandatory for people from certain countries, who will be prohibited from carrying out paid activities, even if they have no intention of residing in Mexico, the Mexican government said in its report. Official letter.

Mexico visa how to get it?

a a report The Peruvian newspaper La Repubblica indicated that travelers who will not need a visa to enter Mexico are those who have permanent residency in Canada, the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, and the Schengen Area countries, as well. As members of the Pacific Alliance (Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru).

That is, Cubans, who only hold this nationality, will still need a tourist visa and a transit visa to enter or stop at any Mexican airport.

To apply for a Mexican visa, you must fill out a form and submit these documents: a visa application form and a valid and current passport with a validity of at least six months from the date of departure from Mexico. A copy of the passport page where personal data appears.

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In addition to a recent passport-sized color photo with a white background, the face visible and without glasses. Proof of original work with signature and stamp indicating full name, monthly salary, seniority and position. Proof of salary payment, etc.

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