Mexico, Monterrey and Guadalajara are among the 15 best cities to do

Mexico City, Monterrey and Guadalajara are among the 15 cities More attractive according to the study Best Cities for Entrepreneurial Successنجاح, among more than 200 cities on a global scale; However, it has lost competitiveness as a country due to the lack of government support to confront the epidemic, he points out eCourses & E-Commerce Tools Company for EntrepreneursOberlo

Despite the presence of enormous human capital and various international agreements on commercial matters, the study indicated that Mexico is unattractive to start a business. In fact, no Mexican city appears among the 175 global cities for investment, although the country’s capital in Latin America ranks fifth, Monterrey in tenth and Guadalajara in 11th.

The list measures infrastructure and technology variables and access to global markets; It analyzes variables such as economic freedom, days needed to open businesses, openness to women, government subsidies, taxes, and access to finance for small and medium businesses, among others.

When assessing Mexico, this year’s score for cities fell because “the country is not attractive to investors because of its high taxes, lack of government support to tackle COVID-19 and because of low participation of women in doing so,” he explained in an interview with Millennium Pablo Martinez, study leader.

Businesses in Mexico pay, on average, up to 53 percent in taxes and contributions, for total income, value-added, and business flat-rate concepts, according to data from consultancy PwC in its 2019 Paying Taxes report.

“Mexico City has a more robust technology ecosystem in the region, and human capital is increasingly choosing to use technology and digital tools,” said the Oberlo analyst.

Another element that stands out in the country with the rest of its domestic competitors is the access to free international trade; “And that’s a pull factor for start-ups,” Martinez said.

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Currently, Mexico has 12 free trade agreements signed with 46 countries, 32 agreements for the promotion and reciprocal protection of investments with 33 countries, 9 limited scope agreements under Latin American Integration Association (ALADI) It is a member of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty.

According to the list

The top four in the region are Santiago in Chile; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Lima, Peru and Bogota in Colombia.

on a global scale, London, UK; New York and San Francisco, United States; Sydney and Melbourne in Australia have emerged as the locations where investors and analysts see the greatest opportunities for entrepreneurship.


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