“Mexico is the powerhouse in this category”: Raoul Chabran

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Raul Chabran: “Mexico is a force in the U-17 category”

The Mexico Under-17 coach shares his conclusions from the World Cup in Guatemala after winning the title against the United States.

Mexico passed the first test during the operation now led by Rodrigo Aries de Parga

He was a team coach Mexican pick 17And Raoul Shebrandhe acknowledged that his actor is a “force” in that category and he should back that up with his performance in Peru World Cup 2023.

We can think, dream, Mexico It is strength that binds us, with the support of the players, we can continue to dream.” Raoul Shebrandtrainer Mexican pick 17after being CONCACAF World Cup Champion.

Shabrand He explained that his team is under pressure due to the current scenario of the Mexican teams Mexico It was eliminated in a tournament 20 years ago, in the qualifiers for the Olympic Games in Paris 2024, administrative changes and restructuring in Mexican football.

“There was some pressure because of all the living, but that has to be acknowledged as well Mexico It is the powerhouse in this category. He added that this path is the path that many have taken, and concentration, the realization that a good job has been done, and seeing how we can improve, gives us joy, without stopping work. Shabrand.

Mexico sub 17 I got a pass to world Cup from their category by qualifying for the semi-finals, although they were looking forward to winning the final against the United States, due to the dominance exercised by the Stars and Stripes team last year.

Raoul Chabrand and his coaching staff celebrate the title at the CONCACAF World CupESPN

The USA team won Mexico In the final of the Nations League, in the Gold Cup, and they could not beat those at that time led by Greg Berhalter in the qualifying round for Qatar 2022.

As a result, Mexico He passed the first test during the process now led by Rodrigo Aries de Parga, as manager of the Mexican national teams, which are in the training phase, where the arrival of a manager for all the minor teams is expected.

for now, Mexico sub 17 It has CONCACAF’s dominance in that category.

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