Messi's performance in the United States opens an unexpected debate in football: “The rules must change”

In the matches he played Lionel MessiThere were few rival players or opposing fans who viewed him as an enemy. On the whole, he was entertained, even when he had to go as a visitor; This trend has been destroyed before Jim Curtintrainer Philadelphia Union Who praised the man from Rosario but called the authorities Multilateral. What do you want? Let them change the rules because of the “mistake” of number 10.

As the years go by flea Prove it Identification card It doesn't weigh in, because over time it's always reinventing itself to stay in the elite. It was the best test Qatar World Cup 2022where he demonstrated an eccentric version that allows… Scalonetta Win the coveted competition.

When it became clear that he had plenty of scope to continue competing in the top leagues EuropeHe was surprised when he made the decision to leave Old continent To cross Atlantic Ocean And play in United Statea country with little football tradition.

As the matches went by, he expressed his feelings: he was tired of the great pressure and was leaning towards a league without great demands, where he had fun both on and off the field. There is nothing better than numbers to confirm this: he has more goals than matches played, a stat that has angered the opposition.

What did the Philadelphia Union coach say?

At the time of his arrival, his team had nothing but problems, as it collected eleven matches without adding three and was last in its conference in Multilateral. He now lives with victory, to the point that he… League Cup It reached the final, a case that will be measured against this Saturday nashville.

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To get to the match he had to be defeated Philadelphiaan institution that has recently been among the most powerful institutions in north america. However, he was unable to do anything against a successful new version of the Argentine, who scored a stunning goal from long range to extend his personal records in the competition.

Jim Curtin gets off the bus for a game. Photo: Instagram, Jim Curtin

for this reason Jim CurtinThe sports insider, like few others, praised '10's' performance. What is strange is that he did not do so with a common statement in this sport, but rather with a degree of criticism directed at the organization. “We didn't lose to Miami, we lost the match to Leo Messi. With him, no one will be able to stop Inter Miami“, pointed out.

But praise aside, DT's message was for leaders football LeagueWho were asked to amend the rules and everything related to the salary limits that they must adhere to. “I think the league rules should and will change. The wheels will be removed from the bike and everything will be fine. I think that will happen soon“, He expressed.

Like other sports in that country, Multilateral It has a salary cap system. Each franchise has the same amount of money to spend on building its team and there are exceptional places, called “franchises”, for those top reinforcements whose contracts are arranged outside the permissible limit.

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