“Men,” director Alex Garland’s disturbing horror movie, will be released in August in Spain

yes Alex Garland A movie premiere, that means you have to put on your best wardrobe and go like a glove to the show. We are talking about one of the most interesting filmmakers in the current audiovisual field as far as the fantasy genre is concerned, with visually appealing works like the aforementioned.extermination“or like a dream like”previous deviceSci-fi has always been a genre that revolves around the director and screenwriter, but With ‘ListHis new movie breaks this equation to focus on sheer horror via Rory Kinnear.

The bad news is that in our country, ListIt will arrive on August 19th. It is intriguing because in other regions such as Belgium, UK, Sweden, Turkey, France, Finland and the Netherlands the film will arrive in early June, Being in this state is the last in the queue so we can enjoy this witch train That would have Kinnear act as a one-man squad, bringing multiple characters to life to make a character’s life out of them Jesse Buckley Be a real hell.

First professional criticism is not something you write about back home

List‘It has already received its first criticism from professionals and First impressions are somewhat tepid. Although there is everything, of course. “An amazing anatomy of masculinity. The brilliant performances of Jesse Buckley and the chameleon-like Rory Kinnear make this work stand out in a funky genre,” he says. David Rooney to The Hollywood Reporter.

David EhrlichCriticizes IndiewireFor his part, he says, “Despite the uniqueness of her emotions, which makes Garland vital in a crumbling world, ‘Men’ is her first film that makes life seem easier than it really is.” She.” We’ll see what the feature film really has to offer us when we gobble it up ourselves.

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