Meghan Markle will become the next Queen of the United Kingdom for the following reason

Former American Actress Meghan Markle, wife Prince Harry And Duchess of Sussex in it United kingdom, He had several conflicts with British monarchy Which made her and her husband decide to go back to United State. However, according to strong predictions, she may have the potential to become the future queen of the nation

Michel de Notre Dame, Known all over the world as nostradamus, He was a famous French astrologer, pharmacist, physician and writer who died in 1566 but is still remembered to this day because of the writings in his book prophecies Which predict future events and from which many historical events have been guessed.

In the letter, he confirmed that King Charles III He will be 74 years old when he takes the throne, but he will resign a few months after his coronation.

“King Charles will be seventy-four years old in 2022, when he takes the throne, but the resentment that a certain percentage of the British population has expressed against him, after his divorce from him. Diana, Princess of Wales They still remain.”

However, what really caught the eye was his successor. mario redding,

British writer, who is one of several experts on the poetry of Nostradmus, claims that one of his predictions is that Prince William He will not be the successor to the crown, how does everyone put it.

“The man who never imagined he would be king, he will be.” In this sense, William’s successor is his younger brother Prince Harry. And this is where the great potential comes in for Meghan, who as Harry’s wife should also become queen.

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Another of the mighty Forecasts Of Nostradmus had come true, and it was the era in which Queen Isabel II I would die:

Preamble is that the queen Isabel II He will die around 2022, at the age of ninety-six, five years before the end of his mother’s life,” Reading wrote in 2005 after analyzing several of the French writer’s poems.

fact that Meghan Markle She could become the future queen United kingdom, leave a great impression on social networks, Since his current conflict with the British royal family, he has been allowed to get a lot of disapproval from British public.

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