Meghan Markle and Prince Harry | Patrick J. Adams, the actor in “Suits,” supports the couple in their decision to leave the royal family

After what Meghan Markle and Prince Harry He gave a revealing interview with actress Oprah Winfrey Patrick J. He came out to defend him Previously participated in the “Suits” Championship Before broadcasting the conversation on TV.

Artist Mike Ross brought life to the series and did not hesitate to describe his friend as “enthusiastic, kind, helpful, generous, cheerful and supportive”. In a long message he wrote on Twitter, his partner in fiction endorsed him Megan Because he stepped down from royalty to lead a “normal life”.

She began writing, “She was never afraid to speak loudly, to be heard, and to defend herself and her loved ones.” In addition, he stressed that falling in love Prince HarryHe started a family, and put aside all this weirdness, it was his decision, and he regrets that many people criticized his decision:

“It makes me sick when I read the endless slander, racism and hostility he has received from the UK and world media, but I know Megan It is stronger than you thought and you will regret it being underestimated. “

He asks for respect for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

And then they are welcomed Archie. And on any decent planet, it was time to stop sharpening knives and let these two enjoy the first magical months and years of raising a family. But we don’t live on this planet and the chase continues, ”Patrick added increasingly angered in his speech.

“It is outrageous for the royal family, whose newest member is growing within, to promote and amplify allegations of bullying against a woman who was essentially forced to leave the United Kingdom to protect her family and her mental health.”

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“En mi opinión, este último capítulo y su momento es solo otro ejemplo asombroso de la poca vergüenza de una institución que ha sobrevivido a su relevancia, tiene mucha credibilidad y aparentemente en quiebra de la al decencia. . My girlfriend Megan It’s out of your league. “


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