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aihastothe talented video game developer, presents his latest projects: sidea horror adventure that will immerse you in a suspenseful and interesting story. The game, which is currently in the testing phase, promises to take players on a terrifying journey full of surprises.

In MiSide, players take on the role of a character who finds himself mysteriously sucked into a mobile game. The plot revolves around Meta, the blue-haired, diamond-eyed protagonist whose in-game world becomes a 3D version of home as shown in the 2D prologue.

Description writes:

  • MiSide is an adventure game with horror elements, which tells the story of a simple guy who, for mysterious reasons, finds himself in a mobile simulation. When the hero appears in the house he just saw on his smartphone screen, he feels overwhelmed. The dizzy man follows the instructions on a certain device he discovered in the bedroom. A few moments later, he is greeted by a pretty girl, whose image is also familiar to the young man in this mobile game.

As players explore the world of Mita from a first-person perspective, they will encounter impressive technical details that show the dedication and consistency in the game design. From books on the shelves like “How to Tease Him” ​​to a little red-eyed doll that seems to follow you around Mita’s peach-colored room, every detail has been carefully designed to immerse you in an immersive environment.

The game’s soundtrack is a fresh modern synth mix that enhances the horror atmosphere and keeps you on your toes. The game uses horrific sound effects to emphasize the spooky moments, such as a sudden power outage that will make you goosebumps.

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As the story unfolds, players will encounter interesting dialogues between the protagonist and Meta. By interacting with Mita, players will discover the secrets surrounding the game’s plot and the reason behind being sucked into this terrifying world.

MiSide features point-and-click gameplay where players must complete tasks assigned by Mita to progress through the story. These tasks range from organizing laundry to cooking and participating in mini-games to earn money. Every action the player takes has an impact on the development of the story and triggers events that will keep you on your toes.

The game promises a unique experience within the horror genre, offering a new and innovative look at the girl in love. MiSide, with its intriguing narrative and coherent art design, seeks to capture the attention of players and immerse them in a world full of suspense and excitement.

If you are a fan of horror video games and love immersive stories, you cannot miss MiSide. The game is currently in the testing phase, and those interested can download the free demo on developer Aihasto’s page. Get ready to plunge into a terrifying experience and discover the hidden secrets in the world of MiSide!

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