Medicine, the most wanted faculty to enter the education news UACh students – El Heraldo de Chihuahua

73 percent of Chihuahua Independent University applicants have passed the entrance test, and results will be announced next Friday. The most in-demand professions are surgeon, midwife, law and civil engineering.

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A return to the traditional model of undergraduate education motivated over 2,000 applicants to decide to try their luck at UACh. It should be remembered that with the UACH-DS renewal form, applicants were significantly reduced, to the point that during the first delivery period there were only about 300 tokens, which is why it was decided to extend the time and return to the form that has paid off for decades.

According to the press files, in the January-June 2019 semester, 4 thousand 502 files were requested, of which only 4 thousand 170 applicants took the Seneval exam, and the number of those accepted was 3000 230.

In this semester from January to June 2021, the Academic Directorate reported that only 3 thousand 875 card applications were received and 3 thousand 186 applications entitled to the exam were paid. This amount increased after the procedure for returning to the official of the traditional educational model, in which the applicant immediately enters the profession of his choice and begins his specialization in the field.

Of those who have the right to the exam, only 2,835 are actually linked, those aspiring to enter the January-June 2022 semester.

Instructor Cecilia Melendez, Head of School Inspection, Academic Directorate, reports that results will be published on December 17 from 3:00 pm on the page, where each applicant will appear in the program that was accepted and their date of registration.

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