Medical practices return to hospitals

Students during clinical practice.

The Valencia Ministry of Health Resumed training practices in hospitals for students of public and private universities in the Valencian Community of Health Sciences, as well as courses Vocational training which was suspended last November as a precaution due to COVID-19.

Thus, in a decision published this Tuesday in the newspaper Official Gazette of the Generalitat of Valencia (DOGV), Health justifies reopening practices in ‘good development’ of indicators of care capacity, acute bed occupancy, and occupancy in critical care units due to ‘progress in the program’ Vaccination that has a very positive effect on hospitalization and mortality.”

In fact, it is clear that the trend in the levels of use of these services has solidified to thresholds considered to be the new normal. In addition, he notes that the evolution of the epidemic curve and progress in the vaccination program “allow for a gradual de-escalation process in order to protect health in Where it is appropriate to continue easing previously adopted measures.”

However, he maintains that it is still necessary ‘Extreme’ control measures In health centers so that the protection of patients, health professionals and students can be ensured.

For this reason, from the management “sensitive to the importance and social benefit” that includes ensuring adequate practical training of future health professionals, it has decided to allow the reopening of practices that are carried out in health centers in the Valencia health system and Private health centers for university students and vocational training.

Practices were suspended on 4 November 2020 to prevent and limit the spread and infection of Covid-19 except for students in the last year of each of the different health sciences degrees due to the impossibility of doing them in successive years.

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Then, in March, third-year nursing students were allowed to resume, and in April, penultimate-year nursing students were allowed to resume. degrees in health sciences.

In this regard, the Council of Community Nursing of the Valencian Community (CECOVA) calls for taking precautions and taking all measures of protection against Covid-19, including “universal” vaccination of students and providing them with all protection measures as well as other professionals including appropriate masks, gloves and protective equipment Personal (PPE) that prevents its spread.

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