McLaren Applied and Blu Wireless are developing ultra-fast telemetry for motorsport

McLaren Applied and Blu Wireless are developing ultra-fast telemetry for motorsport

McLaren Applied, a leading British engineering and technology company, has partnered with mmWave technology leader, Blu Wireless, to deliver ultra-fast telemetry solutions for motorsport applications. Through this collaboration, the two companies aim to enhance communication performance in the dynamic environment of motorsport, and provide a data channel that can handle all the data and video streams from the race car in real time.

The solution will combine Blu Wireless’s mmWave technology with McLaren Applied’s motorsport-specific smart vehicle telematics, with McLaren Applied also providing systems architecture, integration and support through its deep understanding of motorsport requirements. The solution includes proprietary McLaren Applied software that ensures stable connectivity for high-speed vehicles and transport. The software aggregates data across multiple networks and is a key enabler in applying mmWave technology for multi-gigabit connectivity across all race car platforms.

The technology has been successfully tested over the past 12 months in multiple trials in the UK and North America, including displaying multiple HD video links in race cars traveling at speeds in excess of 165mph. Tests conducted by McLaren Applied and Blu Wireless have proven the technology’s capabilities, and McLaren Applied’s global design and systems engineering team is currently preparing the system for imminent racing use.

McLaren Applied and Blu Wireless are developing ultra-fast telemetry for motorsport

Sam Guest, Director of Motorsport Telemetry, Control and Analytics at McLaren Applied, said: “McLaren Applied is leveraging its more than 30-year heritage in motorsport to enable a smarter, more connected approach to a wide range of moving vehicles. “We hope this will provide “The new technology is a more engaging racing experience for motorsport fans, with the potential to incorporate live gaming and other forms of interaction.”

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Mark Halliday, Director of Products and Programs at Connected Intelligence, added: “The new collaboration with Blu Wireless aims to revolutionize connectivity in the harshest racing environments by delivering new levels of speed and stability to inform strategies for winners.” .

“We are excited to apply our cutting-edge mmWave technology to the challenging world of motorsport,” said Mark Barrett, Chief Commercial Officer, Blu Wireless. The app we developed with our partner McLaren Applied is well suited to the types of environments and high speeds in which race cars perform. “Our powerful gigabit connection and dedicated system are sure to provide a near-real-time experience and enhance the exciting excitement of motorsport for viewers.”

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So, McLaren Applied and Blu Wireless have developed ultra-fast telemetry for motorsport

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