Mazahua traditional medicine divides diseases into 2

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The traditional medicine, such as Totonaca, Yucateca, etc., has its foundations in Grandparents’ wisdom, the inheritance that was responsible for maintaining original cities in different states of the country.

However, today we will focus on traditional medicineThe culture is divided between State of Mexico and Michoacan, where they are called jñatrjo and ñatjo, respectively.

Everything about their origin is unknown, but some historians assert that they belong to A Treebo Shichimeka who founded Culhuacán, Otompan and Tula. Other theories suggest that they are the founders of Mazahuacán, currently Atlacomulco, Ixtlahuaca, and Jocotitlán.

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What diseases does Mazahua traditional medicine treat?

Among the characteristics that define traditional medicine, there is a belief that Diseases that affect the body and soul, so they are divided into good and bad. The righteous come from God Himself, a reason for easy healing.

But there are also diseases that cause it Supernatural reasons, or by doing someone’s evil such as the famous evil eye, or that known for horror. So, to cure all evil, this culture suggests a Clean the roe alone or with an egg.

But you can also soak carricillo in alcohol and spread it all over the body to remove other types of discomfort. But there is so much inside traditional medicine Fear or dread, very common in minors; To treat it, you should soak a good lemon balm or epazote and rub it on the body, or alternatively take a good dose of epazote, doggie, lion’s foot, and cinnamon.

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