Mayor introduced infrastructure projects to UK entrepreneurs

The mayor of Bogota, Claudia Lopez, and the UK’s deputy ambassador to Colombia, Tim Hemmings, held a virtual meeting with businessmen and representatives of British companies.

The objective of this meeting was to present the key infrastructure, mobility, sanitation, technology and security projects that will soon start bidding processes in Bogotá, in order to achieve broad participation, and to ensure that the selection and contracting processes are based on transparency and of a high standard. Experience on the part of supporters.

“In Bogotá, 55% of the foreign income that enters the country for investment still exists, because it is a place dedicated to human capital, education, creativity, inclusion and social mobility. We know that to continue to grow in this direction we need financial strength and that is why we invite you to bring your own capital and your trust”, said the mayor at the beginning of the presentation of projects that will transform and improve the quality of life in the country’s capital.

The President of Bogotá has set the context for bidding processes that could be of interest to British companies in the medium and long term in the areas of infrastructure, transport, health, waste treatment and water.

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“The current major challenge for Bogotá is to overcome the infrastructure deficit in Bogotá, through the processes of agreement and political vision, so we have taken the steps to make a first agreement with the citizens, in democracy to build on what has been built, and add value to projects already underway.”

Regarding mobility and transportation, he explained to the agenda that Bogotá’s plans are backed by institutional planning for sustainable urbanization, “one of the great achievements we have made is the creation of a CONPES document that represents major infrastructure and mobility projects. Over the next twenty years which in turn is collected in the POT which is discussed Currently in the city council; so we have a legal guarantee, a shared vision, a social and political agreement about what we want to do and what Bogota needs.”

Bogotá will invest about $12,000 million between now and 2024, to build 418 projects. Most notably those related to the multimodal transport network; water and sanitation; infrastructure, health and education.

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Between 2021 and 2023, Bogotá has 185 projects for construction assignments and 101 projects in the process of attribution of studies and designs. This means that to date, 94 projects are already under construction and 72 are under study and design.

For his part, the Deputy Ambassador of the United Kingdom stressed that “Thank you to Mayor Claudia Lopez for her commitment to the United Kingdom to open this space for exchange between British companies and Bogota. We want to do more business with you, and what better way to set the stage for your visit to COP26 in 2021, the year of British Columbian Cooperation.”

The UK stands out for being the third most important foreign investor in Colombia, with 94 projects in the last 10 years, with investments of $2,154 million and generating 7,050 direct jobs.

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