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They indicate that they will be advised to quote them on schedules and according to where they work

With nearly 13,000 public sector teachers vaccinated by Tuesday, according to Social Welfare Undersecretary Manuel Zavala Salazar, vaccinations will begin to apply to private sector teachers starting Thursday with advance notice of their quotes as per schedule and according to them. Workplaces. Meanwhile, the head of the state health trust, José Luis Gonzalez Pinzón, said if there was time to start on Wednesday afternoon, they would do so as much as possible.

Within four days of the primary and secondary teachers being vaccinated, the teachers were disturbed by the alleged shortage, chaos and “turtles”. Union representatives denied the accusations and responded that the chaos was due to the presence of professors who did not attend on the day or where they attended.

For its part, the state Ministry of Health indicated that it had applied nearly 13,000 vaccines, and in the following hours it would begin to be applied to teachers in the private sector, so Dr. Gonzalez Benzon said that they could start from Wednesday. As long as the public education teacher service will be terminated soon.

The vaccinated teachers were also asked not to expose themselves to third parties, as it was the first dose, and some have already been notified on any days of the date of the second dose of the vaccine until the effectiveness reaches 95 percent, as indicated in the specifications of the vaccines that reached the entity.

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With this, he expected that the application of vaccines would not be synonymous with returning to school, as stated by the President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, but its goal is to ensure progress in fighting the virus, and thus lead to the elimination of the virus. In Campeche, to later talk about potential activities that begin to integrate into the new normal.

Zavala Salazar added that meetings between state and federal authorities will continue to start the path back to face-to-face lessons, but that will be when the entity is safe.

He concluded that they will soon start a phone survey of elderly people to see if they agree to be vaccinated.

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