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On Thursday, they identified only 25 injuries in Zoh Laguna

For the next 15 days, the community of Zoh Laguna, 10 kilometers from Xpujil, the seat of Calakmul municipality, will maintain a sanitary fence restricting access to people outside the territory who will not undertake any activity of significant importance, the only ones who will be able to enter are the suppliers of groceries and medicines, In addition to the health brigades.

The reason is a resurgence of Covid-19 cases among residents and that since Thursday night they have only had a report of 25 cases in that community, but that with Luis Felipe Mora Hernandez, the mayor of Calakmaul, in the head. There are at least 15 more cases, in addition to those detected by health battalions in the rest of the unions that make up the town.

“On Thursday night we reported 25 cases in Zoh-Laguna, due to the risk of the virus spreading, we held an extraordinary Municipal Health Council through council session, came to the conclusion of restricting access and made a phone call to health and safety authorities to support us by recommending to motorists that if they They did not go to something of importance, it is better not to enter society,” he said.

The first measure implemented is a sanitary fence that allows entry only those who travel along the road to provide medicines and provisions for groceries and other food supplies, and the second step is the health brigades to detect the most positive cases, which will begin in the next hours, since the clinic of the Mexican Institute of Social Security is conducting (IMSS) Rapid Tests on Citizens as Suspects.

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And the request sent by the mayor to the citizens is to maintain isolation in case they are suspected of being infected with the virus, as well as the continuation of social mobility to a minimum, as the number of daily infections has increased significantly.

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