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Mothers denounce that they do not use the BCG vaccine, which fights tuberculosis

After a year of national shortage of the BCG vaccine that fights tuberculosis, at the General Hospital of Medical Specialties Javier Buenfil Osorio, there are some doses available but they do not apply to newborns who are beneficiaries of the Mexican Institute for Social Security (IMSS) nor the Institute for Social Security and Services for State Employees (ISSSTE), this was reported by some mothers who were on the outskirts of the hospital and taking their babies to receive the first doses of vaccines.

While in the political constitution of Mexico it speaks of the right to health and stipulates that any vaccine is applicable in any medical public health institution, this morning at least 30 mothers could not provide their children with the aforementioned vaccine due to the doses. Available at Javier Buenfil Osorio Hospital is only intended for children of mothers who have Seguro Popular.

Since June 2019, Campeche has been one of eight states to initiate the Federal Status of Public Health Medical Services through a mandate and initiative by President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

The women came with babies in their arms for a routine check-up, and they were all directed to the vaccination area for the application of Bacillus of Calmette, but the person in charge of the said area refused the request due to the few doses they got in the reserve intended for Seguro Popular beneficiaries and asked the mothers to come to the corresponding medical clinics According to their Social Security.

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Since November of last year, the Senate of the Republic has asked the Ministry of Health to report a shortage of BCG in the country because the laboratory that produces it and supplies the country with the reagent did not produce and worse, the last batch he said was sent to the country and arrived in conditions not suitable for its application, spoiled.

Meanwhile, IMSS and ISSSTE indicated that they do not possess the aforementioned reagents, and worse, they have called on citizens not to apply this vaccine in places other than the public health of the Federation and the State, as they are distributing fabricated reagents.

Edition: Laura Espejo

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