Mauricio Villa agrees with UK to fund projects to combat climate change

in the frame COP26the ruler Mauricio Villa Dosal Administration and agreement with the UK government, continue and expand cooperation with them Yucatan, by financing projects that contribute to efforts to reduce the effects of Climate change.

As part of her second day of activities within this global summit, Vila Dosal . met Jenny McClins, Director of Finance and Climate Change, UK Partnership for Accelerated Climate Transition (UK PACT), a British Government funded program for Supporting countries and territories, in the implementation of measures that allow the reduction of carbon emissions, With whom he discussed plans and opportunities for future cooperation.

Within the agenda developed in COP26The governor also held a meeting with Martha Delgado PeraltaUndersecretary of the Ministry of Multilateral Affairs and Human Rights Department of Foreign Relations (SRE), to talk about Yucatan’s participation in fulfilling Mexico’s commitments with high level board For a sustainable ocean economy, an initiative made up of 14 heads of stateWe are committed to developing, motivating and supporting solutions for the health and wealth of the oceans in policy, governance, technology and finance.

During the meeting with the federal official, Villa Dosal Share the progress in Citizen participation For the management and care of the coastal region of Yucatan. As a result, the Governor and Delgado Peralta agreed to continue through Undersecretary for Multilateral AffairsTo promote the integrated coastal zone management initiative as first steps for a leading country in this field.

While participating in the panel ‘UK PACT: The UK’s Leading Capacity Building Program Transforming Global Climate Transformations through Business Partnerships’, the Governor emphasized that major projects are being implemented within the entity with Charter of the United Kingdom, in terms of regulations, mobility, energy efficiency and decarbonization of development, reflecting this program’s confidence in United kingdom, deposited in the territory, to comply with its international obligations.

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In this sense, Vila Dosal emphasized that it is necessary to show progress in initiatives Which is carried out alongside the UK’s PACT program which is being held in Yucatan, around concern for the environment and sustainability.

And in the presence of Pak Dadan, Director General of the Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. Nyoka Naidoo, Director, South Africa Presidential Climate Commission; And Kate HughesDirector of Climate Change International, Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy at Charter of the United KingdomThe governor also noted that for the state, it is very important to attend COP26, as it is a place where projects that promote sustainability are both necessary and urgent.

Villa Dosal He emphasized that implementing measures to reduce these disasters became his priority, which is why, through dialogue and multilateral alliances, the state government, together with the Yucatecan families, has undertaken the task of promoting the development of strategies with major allies, such as Charter of the United KingdomWho thanked him for supporting the entity and accompanying it on its path towards being more sustainable every day.

“This relationship is so close that I am proud to share that Yucatan is the country in which it is More projects with UK PACTThe Governor stressed the trust placed in order to comply with our international obligations.

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On this topic, Vila Dosal gave a presentation on some of the latest initiatives in this regard, such as Climate Change Law, which is the product of this collaboration and was recently approved in State Congress. It was implemented in a participatory manner, incorporating the vision of organizations and experts on the matter, in light of changes in the state and national and international policy on this issue.

Villa Dosal made it clear that with this law, the legal force is given to the tools, mechanisms and technical bodies around the policies climate change; This ensures that future governments use these tools as well, from the same perspective.

He added that in addition, it allows the intersection of climate policy for the state, by creating specific powers for all sectors in the government, where mobility, coastal management, fishing, water, Biodiversitysustainable primary production, waste and energy.


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