“Mary Poppins”: Not suitable for all audiences because it is supposedly racist

The UK considers the Disney film to contain “discriminatory language” by using the term “hottentot” twice

Continue The mechanism of the so-called “cancel culture” Based on It awakened the far-left protests; He wants to impose a The new cultural discourse (even heritage) around the world retrospectively, and this includes requests as lofty as their existence Gender equality and trans existence (for everyone characters) in series and films in any form. It's already happening.

The pressure is still bearing fruit in this regard A surreal vortex with the seal of awakening It aims to destroy everything that, they say, smells rancid and does not evoke the progressive socio-cultural model they want to impose.

The role is from the classic Disney movie: Mary Poppins. From now on this movie In the UK, it is not suitable for all audiencess. He is shown to be able to abuse children by using an inappropriate term and is considered racist (appears twice in the film): “Hottentot“.

Mary Poppinsone of the highest-grossing films in the history of cinema, won five Academy Awards and was established as one of the most beloved and essential classics of children's cinema, and for all audiences, that will no longer be the case. Regarding its classification for “general public” in the United Kingdom. The owner is the one who provides Seninanya Magazine.

60th Anniversary of Disney Classics

On the occasion of the anniversary On the 60th anniversary of the premiere From the famous Disney novel adapted by Pamela Lyndon Traverswho directed Robert Stevenson with Julie Andrews And Dick Van Dyke As heroes, British Board of Film Classification (BBFC)The organization responsible for classifying and certifying films and audiovisual content in the United Kingdom has decided to raise the film's age rating. This way, it will go from being rated “U”, i.e. “suitable for all audiences”, To be named “PG”which is an English abbreviation for “Parental Guide”.

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Use of a supposedly derogatory term

The reason for the word “hottentot”, Old term It is considered insulting to refer to black Africans. Dutch settlers began using it to name the Khoikhoi ethnic group in South Africa.

As Cinemanía mentioned, throughout the film, he is the character of Admiral Boom (Reginald Owen) The one who uses it twice. At one point, Admiral Michael Banks asks (Matthew Garber), one of the children cared for by the unique nanny, is on an adventure to “defeat the Hottentots.” The second scene is when he chants “We are under attack by the Hottentots.”Seeing chimney sweepers with their faces blackened with soot resulting from their daily work.

Use discriminatory language

The BBFC notes that although Mary Poppins has a historical context,… Use discriminatory language It is not condemned and ultimately exceeds our guidelines for acceptable U-rated language.” “We understand from our research into racism and discrimination that a major concern for parents is the possibility of exposing children to discriminatory language or behavior that they may find distressing” or that they may “repeat without realizing the potential transgression.”

Revisionism and censorship

This cancel culture, the extreme revisionism of wokeness, posits Re-read and try to censor One of the classic Disney films that has imposed for some time now are lines and characters that belong to the current multi-genre, inclusive, sustainable and environmentally friendly trend.

For example, Dumbo The year 1941 was also controversial due to the crows that appeared in the film and the way they spoke and sang “tradition” And “mockery” For African American slaves.

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in Peter Pan In 1953, it was inappropriate for Native Americans to be presented with an accent “the irony”as he calls them “tribe” And “red skins”.

in Aristocrats In the 1970s, criticism was directed at the Siamese cat with almond eyes, and it was given the name “Racist caricature of an Asian character”.

no Lady and the Tramp From 1955 or The jungle book Released in 1967, it has escaped scrutiny.

Song of the Southcensored by Disney

It took the brunt of it Song of the South 1946 movie Which mixed real photos with animation, and that was considered a “An apology for racism and slavery”. Disney has been removed from its catalog and platform flow Questionable feature film.

Moreover, since 2020, at the beginning of… Streaming on Disney+ From movies like Dumbo, Peter Pan, Lady and the Tramp, The Jungle Book also Aristocrats A warning message appears Racist connotations Which they could have.

The awakening has just begun and is spreading in a dangerous, global and authoritarian way. Where will this cancel culture take us?

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