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Culiacan, Sen. One of the main objectives of Martin Lyon, is to fight in 2022 in the United States, so he will face the new year in the best way with the entry of January.

After receiving the award from general beginner When accumulating a record 13 wins without a loss, he said he is proud of his accomplishments since the beginning of his career above the ring.

Leon and Alexis Molina, Newcomer of the Year award winners, have always been supported by fans, in recognition of their dedication to stringing.

Both talented young men were a key part of the cards collected by JD Promotions, and both had great charisma, which made them one of the main fighters in the taste and admiration of the audience.

Martín León continued his undefeated career with 13 cumulative wins, and remained on an upward trend hoping that important opportunities would emerge soon, while continuing the preparations noted physically and mentally for several months, under the working team.

I dedicate this award to all my family who support me, to my friends and followers, for this coming year I hope to keep learning, keep winning and, God willing, jump into better battles, and why not? to the United States”Martin’s words.

Similarly, Alexis Molina was another winner, starting his career in May of this year and winning 4 matches with his hand raised so far, ranked as one of the biggest boxing prospects in the capital of Sinaloa:

“I dedicate this recognition to the people who have supported me, to my family, friends, sponsors and my team, it cost me so much to earn because I had to work hard, and I hope in 2022 I will continue to receive more of these recognitions because we will work hard”Molina famously mentioned “Chapito” happily.

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