Mario and Luigi's plumbing service truck has been spotted in the UK and has amazed fans

It will be released worldwide on April 5. Super Mario Bros moviea film that marks the return of Nintendo's plumber to cinema, after his unsuccessful entry onto the big screen in Live action or direct event 1993. Over time, we were able to see many trailers and promotional products that created a sensation within com. fandom; The most important of which was the plumbing trade, especially Utility vehicle Mario brothers.

The truck that Mario and Luigi use for plumbing service is seen outside the house Spring Comic Con From the United Kingdom. Obviously, it is not known whether both brothers went to fix a fault in the sewer system in the building where the event occurred or were nearby. The only thing that is certain is that the replica of the car is the same one seen in the plumbing commercials recently released to promote the film.

What will Mario and Luigi do in the UK?

Photography success is the business of a Twitter user Aiden1291.

“The Mario Plumbing truck was at London Comic Con.”

We would like to see it live and live on the streets of our cities

In the pictures we can see that even the design of the truck is very similar to the one seen in the trailer. In addition, we can see that it is also painted yellow, and has a patent that says M4R10 BRO and attachments What we can see in the original truck: Super Mario Bros. With the video game's signature typography, Mario and Luigi graphics with the aesthetics seen in the time of the SNES and the website created to promote the film and filled with… Easter eggs.

The enormous details of the patent

Super Mario Bros movie It will be released in Latin America and globally on April 5, and pre-sales are already open in theaters in Mexico, Colombia and Chile.

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