Marine science doubled its records in two years – ADN

(ADN). The National University of Comaho National University’s School of Marine Sciences in San Antonio Oeste is home to 300 active students, currently doubling its curriculum compared to the last stats recorded before the pandemic.

The Director of the Higher School of Marine Sciences, Paul Osovnekar, stressed that “we receive students from all provinces and from abroad as well. We were surprised to have students from Ushuaia, Formosa, Gogoi, Corrientes and from all over the country coming to our area, just to mention the more extreme places.”

Investing in the declared Rio Negro Atlantic Green Hydrogen Zone has revitalized and appreciated this region of our country and Comaho National University is our wages for these new advanced projects.

The installation of the Comahue Bimodal node of professional education at the Higher School of Marine Sciences in San Antonio Oeste, enhances the activity of the Comahue National University with more than 50 diplomas, and also contributes to the regional take-off.

In Osovnikar’s view, he noted, “The node will be very important to the university and will undoubtedly have a very positive impact on green hydrogen investments coming to the region.”

Being a pole of the integrated development of the Atlantic region, he affirmed, “I am convinced that the San Antonio Oeste community embraces the university, contains and adapts its infrastructure to receive the number of students who live in the city. This requires us to have other alternatives, which is why That we, of our academic unit, have jointly made cuts in various positions under the orders which are brought to us on a daily basis.”

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