Margot Robbie’s vulnerability is reflected in Barbie as no one expected

LONDON, UK – JULY 12: Margot Robbie attends the European premiere of “Barbie” at Cineworld Leicester Square in London, UK on July 12, 2023 (Photo by Wiktor Szymanowicz/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Hollywood has built a chasm between its stars and the rest of us from the moment of its inception. The fame and charm of his works have elevated his characters to the heavenly for more than a century, as if they were privileged, inaccessible beings, fueling a fan phenomenon. However, this is all an illusion. Movie stars are just human beings with their own passions, joys, pains…and fanaticisms too. And Margot Robbie proves it Barbieusing his Hollywood strengths to capture his greatest vulnerability.

Many of you probably don’t know him however Margot Robbie She is a big fan of Love Island, one of the most popular reality shows on British television in which a group of bachelors share a summer house in bikinis and donning abs. The intent of the contest is to force them to form pairs, to loosen their pairs and to unite them in election ceremonies that cause dissension and jealousy or strengthen relationships. The public is responsible for voting and kicking out the least favorite pairs, until they choose a winner. And Margo It’s like this, but such a fan made it One of the participants had a veil on Barbie.

its name Chris Taylor He was one of the funniest contestants in the fifth season. He wasn’t a winner, nor is he the most iconic character out of all who have run through the show over ten iterations. In fact, only followers Love Island They know who he is and I dare say almost no one outside the UK knows him. Nevertheless, he is present, with an excellent cameo in the movie of the season. And all because Margot Robbie has been a fan since her years in London, when she was not nominated for an Oscar (twice) or starred in blockbusters. The truth is that he doesn’t miss a single season, he scrambles to find internet connections that allow him to watch every single episode when he’s in other countries. He’s so passionate about it that he tries to get his co-workers hooked on the show, talks about his passion in interviews and doesn’t mind breaking star protocol to get close to the characters when he sees them appear on the red carpet. films in London.

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And so it all began until the appearance of a character completely unknown to the rest of the world and in the film who promises to be successful at the box office.

Margot Robbie His great vulnerability was revealed at the London premiere wild birds In 2020, this movie which was a standalone spin-off of the Harley Quinn character. When he saw that three of the participants in Love Island Among the guests on the red carpet, he immediately went to greet and drink them ‘Self’ Who was radiating happiness, joy and complete fanaticism. His enthusiasm was so great that he invited them to the party they were celebrating after the premiere. On the same night, various videos and photos of the actress celebrating with them at the same table were circulated on social media.

Taylor wasn’t on the red carpet that night, but when she found out Margot Robbie had invited her classmates to the party, she didn’t hesitate to join in (she found out about the invitation because she lived in the same house as two of them). “I knew who we all are,” explained to Lad Pebel At the movie premiere Barbie adding that the actress is “obsessed with Love Island”.

He came up to me saying ‘Chris! And his reaction was like, “What the f*ck is going on?” I don’t know, he must have remembered me from then on.”He added, as an explanation for his cameo in the film. As if by implication, the actress remembered him enough to invite him to be a part of the project.

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In addition, he explained that he was approached by the Australian star at the premiere of Barbie To tell him she’s glad they didn’t cut her cameo from the final shot where she says, “The Nobel Prize for horses goes to Ken.”

In turn, the actress once again showed her fanaticism to other heroes Love Island Present at the London premiere of the film Barbiewith more’Personal Photos On the red carpet, smiling from ear to ear.

Margot Robbie He has told in interviews from the past that he adores reality, he says the people The relationships and friendships that form on screen are “fantastic”. However, I do not fully understand what this kind of inscription means to the viewer. cameo like Brad Pitt in Deadpool 2 makes sense. Like one of Charlie Cox in Spider-Man: No way homeAnd Marking Darevil’s return to the Marvel movie saga. They are surprises that appeal to the spectator’s feelings. To fanaticism, recognition, nostalgia, or interest in a particular epic. But who is surprised by this inscription? Who pleases? I would just say Margot Robbie.

Love Island It aired for 10 seasons on the British channel ITV2 and although it had its international versions in Australia, the US, France, Spain and many more, the adaptation was not as successful as the original. This show is, in a way, emblematic of British culture. A show that generates a lot of conversation on the street and on social networks with every betrayal or romantic move between its protagonists. And those who connect more with the audience or give more to talk about can be crowned as such influencersOvernight, going from anonymous to recognizable personalities through general closing agreements with brands or TV contracts. It’s a UK phenomenon…but only in the UK.

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I see too Love Island For years I’ve been aware of it as a “guilty pleasure” that operates as an escape from reality. It’s all so superficial, anecdotal, and fleeting that it gives us a break from the real world. Very similar to what you get Celebrity House in Mexico or Big brother in Argentina. And while I give credit to Chris Taylor for his hilarious take on the show, where he didn’t find love but delivered the funniest editing moments, seeing him in Barbie It doesn’t give me any kind of feeling. I know it because I see Love Island Just the fact of living in EnglandAnd But his presence doesn’t even say “mo” to me.

So what does he make of the movie? Chris Taylor is not an actor, his social networks are dedicated to posting prank videos, he cannot be recognized by the international public and only his followers Love Island They would, what’s the point of including it in a production of this caliber? Commercially and technically I won’t say anything, it just satisfies Margot Robbie’s fanaticism.

The actress is the film’s executive producer, a position that allows her to have a say in the creative decisions surrounding the project. and that he used his power to satisfy such a personal, yet superficial passion, he tells us what advantage being an influential person brings. Because it’s possible that all of the actors love or are fans of a certain thing, but that’s not why they’d take that into their productions when they’re not contributing anything relevant other than just personal satisfaction. Good for Margot Robbie, but it won’t do anything for the general public.

This article was written exclusively for Yahoo en Español by Cine54.

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