Man arrested for flying with a drone in a restricted area Super Bowl LV

Tampa (USA), February 6 (EFE). – Man from Orlando, Henry Alejandro Jimenez, circumvented national airspace restrictions by flying a drone over events to celebrate the Super Bowl LV in downtown Tampa on Wednesday, the United States Attorney’s Office announced this Saturday.

On February 3, the Federal Aviation Administration issued temporary restrictions on flying over downtown Tampa to secure the area prior to the Super Bowl LV, according to the statement.

FBI agents spotted a drone flying near the Barrymore Hotel along the Tampa Riverwalk earlier that day, and found Jimenez operating the drone half a mile away.

Investigators found Jimenez flew his drone out of his line of sight and moved people and vehicles, violating FAA regulations for the recreational use of drones.

Authorities said Jimenez told agents he was aware of the temporary restrictions on flying, showed them an alert he had received from his drone app warning them about it, and said he had the FAA’s license to operate the plane.

They also explained that the drone’s flight path data showed that it was flying over Julian B. Lane Riverfront Park, which hosted NFL Super Bowl events prior to the Super Bowl LV. The Tampa Bay Times reported that those events for which tickets have been booked include interactive exhibits and games.

The park is 3.5 miles (5.6 kilometers) from Raymond James Stadium, where the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will play the Kansas City Chiefs for the Super Bowl LV title on Sunday.

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