MagSafe finally serves more than cases and chargers

With MagSafe returning to the iPhone 12 family, it was only a matter of time before that happened: Apple launched إطلاق Magnet-stick Portable External Batteries for iPhone 12, taking full advantage of the MagSafe system for their latest smartphone.

MagSafe battery pack It is already for sale in Apple Online Store to $99 In the United States and other regions. In the case of Mexico, the store does not yet offer this accessory.

Apple explains that its new battery provides Safe and reliable wireless chargingBecause the “perfectly aligned” magnets keep it attached to the iPhone 12. Also, there’s no need to turn the battery on or off, as it starts charging automatically when it comes in contact with the iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Apple does not officially disclose the ability of MagSafe battery pack, But According to the documents It is 1460 mA. What it reveals is that its new magnetic external battery charges the iPhone 12 family with 5W wireless capability, but can go up to 15W with a connection to an adapter running 20W or more, plugged into an electrical outlet. he is called, When plugged in, it transforms into a 15W wireless charging base. In addition, this way you can charge the battery and the iPhone at the same time.

One important detail to mention is that the أن file support page It is mentioned that it is necessary to install iOS 14.7 or above to use the new external battery. This update is not yet available, but since shipments from MagSafe battery pack It will be shown over the next few days, and it is hoped that the files Update From the new version of the operating system.

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This appears to be a great Apple implementation of their MagSafe technology, although it took a little longer than you’d expect and Already used by third parties, although this post only.

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