Maduro calls for victory for socialists in Venezuelan elections

August 3, 2021, 9:16 pm
CARACAS, Aug. 3 (Prensa Latina) Head of State Nicolas Maduro today called on the PSUV fighters to work for victory in the November 21 provincial and municipal elections.

During his meeting with the Electoral Commission of the United Socialist Party, which is charged with organizing the open primaries next Sunday, the President of the Republic stressed that the victory of socialism in the upcoming elections will ensure the consolidation of governance processes and economic recovery, and thus the stability of the country. .

Only we give peace, unity and stability to the republic. Winning the November 21 elections, winning states and mayors will bring more governance, recovery and peace to the country,” the head of the main political organization of the South American nation also emphasized.

From this standpoint, Maduro stressed that the primaries next Sunday to determine the candidates of the United Socialist Party, will lay the foundations for the emergence of new leaders, renewed administrative programs and innovative methods.

Likewise, the motive of the people will gain momentum by strengthening the link between rulers and the people’s power, the official said.

The President of Venezuela also celebrated the readiness of the majority of the Venezuelan opposition to participate in the so-called major elections in November, in which 23 governors and 335 mayors and members of state and municipal legislative bodies will be elected.

In this sense, Maduro asserted that 99 percent of the opposition parties will register their candidates for the upcoming democratic event; “We succeeded and got them out of the coup and interference and got them into the political, constitutional and electoral arena,” he said.

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The President considered that the democratic opposition has more strength in the strength of the neighborhood embodied by the local authorities with good administrative management and the ability to social mobilization and approaches that are credible in the eyes of society.

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