Lula will announce his candidacy for the presidency of Brazil in April

According to the news site, I heard sources and the leader of the Workers’ Party in Sao Paulo, who preferred not to be named, confirmed that the event would be held in April, but preferred not to specify the day.

Another department, always citing the digital page, confirmed that it would be April 9, a date close to Lula’s arrest in 2018, marking the fourth anniversary.

It’s supposed to be a great event and the potential venues are Charles Miller Square, in front of Pacaembu Stadium, or Sei Square, São Paulo’s ground zero and its historic demonstration territory.

Lula was arrested on 7 April 2018, after former judge Sergio Moro, who is responsible for adjudicating cases of the Lava Jato judicial process, issued a decision to arrest him.

This arrest warrant was issued after exhausting resources in second instance, and taking advantage of a later retracted Federal Supreme Court (STF) understanding, ensuring that second-degree convicts can be incarcerated.

Before appearing before the authorities of the southern city of Curitiba, the former president delivered a moving speech to the Workers’ Party, the Popular Movements, the Left and the Confederation of Metals in the ABC district of São Paulo.

On this occasion, he promised to resist the unjust imprisonment and to continue the struggle to prove his innocence.

After 580 days of political imprisonment, the former union leader was released on November 8, 2019.

He was released from prison after the Supreme Court agreed that second-degree prisoners had the right to appeal until all legal resources had been exhausted.

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He was serving eight years and 10 months in prison for corruption and money laundering.

He was convicted initially by Morrow and in second instance by the Federal District Court for the Fourth District (Court of Appeal).

On March 2, Minister Ricardo Lewandowski, of the STF, rescinded the latest criminal procedure against Lula in the case of alleged influence over the purchase of Swedish Gripen fighter jets for the Air Force.

This request for comment was submitted by the defense who warned of a plan to attack the Labor founder and his legal team.

Having regained his political rights in March 2021, Lula leads all polls, with more than 42 percent of favoritism, heading into the October elections where President Jair Bolsonaro hopes to be re-elected and Moro will come to power.

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