Lula says that “ if necessary ” he will be a candidate for Brazil’s presidency in 2022

The Former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva He said this Friday that “if necessary” Will run for the presidential elections 2022, Europa Press reported.

“It’s not a priority, however,” Lula told Portuguese television network RBT.If I am in good health and if necessary, I will be thereMe to fight. “

When I’m a Candidate, I will be a year younger than (US President Joe) Biden when he runsCNN reported, “Lula added.

The Brazilian politician said that The goal of the left-wing Labor Party (PT) has to be The far-right removed Jair Bolsonaro from power.

“right Now The Labor Party should appoint its leaders to work for the state“We cannot answer whether or not we have a candidate now,” said Lula. The Labor Party will decide whether to present a candidate for the presidency Or if it is part of a “broad front.”

The only truth is Bolsonaro cannot continue to rule BrazilLula said, accusing the current president of “stirring up differences with all countries.”

The The Federal Supreme Court of Brazil (TSF) He annulled on March 9 the convictions against Lula da Silva Related to the “Lava Gato” corruption plot. In addition, he regained his political rights, so that he could run again for public office.

Lula, 75, was sentenced to 12 years and one month in prison For crimes Corruption and money launderingFor accepting a luxury trio in São Paulo as payment from construction firm OAS in exchange for his political services.

His conviction also meant his disqualification as a presidential candidate when he was the front runner in the polls for the presidential election on October 7, 2018, in which Bolsonaro won the presidency.

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