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The They do not have to be perfect, but they must be healthy; Then “The healthier the relationship, the more contentment, contentment, stability and well-being in your life”according to and couples therapist, Maciel Martel, who claims that forming healthy relationships has a positive impact on your life . So, here we explain how to realize that your relationship is on the right track.

You can be yourself

at Link Being healthy, there is no pressure to pretend or force yourself to be who you are. You have the ability to express yourself with complete confidence and freedomTo say what you feel and think without fear of being judged by your partner. According to the psychologist, you shouldn’t feel the need to fake something, but Link It flows naturally between the two.

There is a sense of well-being

In order for this feeling of general well-being to exist, The positive attitudes or aspects must outweigh the negative. “To know that a relationship is good, we need a 5 versus 1, indicator of 5 positive versus one that is neither positive nor conflicting”Reveals the processor. Also, you have to keep in mind that these situations have to be of the same level of magnitude for you to be able to compare them, because, for example, they wouldn’t be balanced if you were just thinking about a big fight with some good moments you could have together. .

They have healthy boundaries

Loving your partner does not mean giving your consent to everything. The endings are harmful, so Set non-problematic boundaries that you both feel comfortable with It is the best way to have a healthy and respectful relationship. According to the specialist, it should be discussed in advance and agreed upon so that both know and be clear about the behaviors most appropriate to implement Link In harmony.

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Among the most common disagreements that can arise is maintaining contact or communication with former partners, a controversial issue to this day. According to the therapist, this also has a solution if boundaries and agreements are set that both feel comfortable with. (Photo: shutterstock)

They make deals

In a healthy relationship, it is important to ask to give up, because Both must have the ability to conclude agreements and negotiations without this meaning that sacrifices must be made. Well, according to the psychologist, it’s not about easily adjusting something the other person doesn’t like in you without taking your opinion into account, it’s about getting to a middle point where you both feel comfortable and satisfied enough.

They trust each other

Confidence is not synonymous with invasion of privacy as is commonly believed (the desire to know what the other is doing, where and with whom at any time); But to know that no matter what the situation, they can pay attention to each other. According to the therapist, confidence is Make sure everything will work somehow if you support each other.

There is good communication

In good communication, it matters not only what is said, but also how it is said. According to a psychologist, in a healthy relationship you can Speak with empathy, assertiveness and respect without getting hurt or injured.

They work as a team

“In a healthy relationship, it’s not me or you: we,” is a phrase that must be internalized and applied by both, without that meaning losing its value or identity as an individual or a person, according to the therapist. Therefore, teamwork means Facing problems or adversity and always looking for solutions together.

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