Lossless search, music, and podcast improvements

Apple released iOS 14.6, iPadOS 14.6, watchOS 7.5, tvOS 14.6, and macOS 11.4 to the public., And it is now available for download on all supported iPhones. We are facing the penultimate awesome release of iOS 14 before an introduction iOS 15Which we’ll see at WWDC 2021 next. This release includes some new features of great importance, which we will explain in detail below.

New in iOS 14.6: Changes to Search and Podcasts

With the arrival of iOS 14.6, Apple took the opportunity to add certain functions and correct problems in the iPhone OS. Specific, There is a large part of the improvements In the search application section. Plus it can be used to track Apple devices, as well as AirTag is newAnd the Search network also supports For third-party products.

With iOS 14.6, Apple added a change to provide a connection method in case an object compatible with this network is lost. When we mark it as lost, before we can leave a phone number only so that he can find it to contact its owner. Now, Apple is adding the possibility Enter the email address. By default, our email associated with the Apple ID will appear, but we can choose the number we want.

As for Podcasts, Apple brought back many of the features that I removed it with iOS 14.5. After complaints from some users about the confusing new interface, it appears that The company took note and resolved to make changes In the application. Thus, we see the buttons return to mark all episodes as read as well as an option to delete all downloads.

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Lega Apple Music Hi-Fi

Apple Hi-Fi Music

With IOS 14.6 will arrive with two very highly anticipated novelties. A few days ago we saw how Apple announced the arrival of two Apple Music formats: Lossless sound and spatial sound. Both formats will need this update and the corresponding update in every operating system in order for you to enjoy them.

Lossless Audio represents lossless access to Apple platforms. Original high-quality format. However, it cannot be enjoyed through Bluetooth connections, so AirPods, Beats and other headphones using this connection will be excluded. Both HomePods will be able to take advantage of Apple Music No loss.

In terms of spatial sound, users will enjoy surround sound in their favorite songs. Here we will see Apple support and third-party headphones. Both hi-fi and spatial audio depend on your screen Throughout the entire Apple Music catalogWhich based on more than 20 million songs ready.

As for the improvement of Apple Music, we will not have to pay anything. It is included in the standard, student and family subscription.

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