Lopez Obrador admits the public health system is ‘very bad’

president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador a favour This Saturday in Chiapas it’s a public health system in the country “Very bad“.

The foregoing was detailed by the Mexican President during the inauguration of the Banco del Bienestar in OskosingoHe indicated that his government would guarantee the right to health in Mexico.

We will guarantee, but in fact, really, the right to health. “We will work to ensure that there are general practitioners and specialists in all health centers, rural medical units and hospitals, that there is no shortage of medicines, that everything is connected and that the service is provided for free,” he said.

“There we have an outstanding issue, and this is an outstanding issue because the public health system is so bad,” he said.

López Obrador made it clear that even if the conservatives didn’t like it, the Fourth Transformation government would hire Cuban doctorsIn addition, more medical schools will be opened and scholarships will be given to doctors to study the specialty, especially abroad.

“Now we don’t have the doctors we need in Mexico, we don’t have the specialists, we have places in insurance, in IMSS, in health, for specialists, but we don’t have pediatricians, we don’t have the specialists that are needed and those who are there don’t want to get out of the cities.

We will send general practitioners abroad to specialize and also, although the governors may not like it, we will bring in doctors from Cuba and other countries so that there is care and we do not lack specialists,” he emphasized.

With information from López-Dóriga Digital

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