López-Gatell rests in Oaxaca after catching a “cold” in the morning AMLO

Oaxaca de Juarez. – for the second time in four months, Hugo Lopez GatelElected Undersecretary of the Ministry of Prevention and Health Promotion Oaxaca As a destination for rest.

This Saturday, May 1, Labor Day, strategy spokesman against Covid-19 He was arrested when he visited the famous “Las 15 liter” restaurant in the state capital.

Through social networks, the foundation released photos of Lopez Gatel on social networks.

“This afternoon, we had an enjoyable visit from Undersecretary of Health Hugo Lopez-Gatel. We appreciate that you shared with us the flavors of Oaxaca,” the restaurant wrote.

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The departure of Lopez Gatel to Oaxaca occurs after April 28, the undersecretary of the Ministry of Health Presented with “common cold” and no mask On the morning of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

During his speech at President Lopez Obrador’s conference, Lopez-Gatel coughed and appeared ill.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health said: “I feel good, I have a cold, and not everything is Covid-19.”

He added, “I have evidence that I produced antibodies after I contracted SARS-CoV-2.”

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This visit to Oaxaca is the second time Lopez Gatel has been on vacation in the state in recent months, after he was arrested at the end of the year at the “El Alquimista” restaurant, on a nudist beach in Zipolite, Of the municipality of Pochutla, in the Costa region.

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Lopez-Gatel’s vacations sparked that controversy, but above all because Mexico City and Oaxaca were experiencing a peak in coronavirus cases and hospitalizations, in what was the most serious improvement in cases hitting the country.

At the time, photos of Lopez Gatel on the beach, surrounded by people and without a mask, as well as his response to a phone call upon getting off the plane and using the mask incorrectly, caused anger and criticism.

As a spokesperson for the anti-epidemic strategy, Lopez-Gatel succeeded in coining the phrase “stay at home”, along with others by reminding residents that it was not time to spend vacation but to take shelter to avoid infection.

Days before he was arrested in Oaxaca for the first time, residents were asked not to go on vacation so as not to shoot the cases.

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Lopez-Gatel apologized on that occasion by asserting that in the current electoral context, there are those who want to “benefit, create demons or enemies to position themselves” and said that his acting in the restaurant where he was arrested without a mask has been taken out of context, since then. He was arrested on several occasions without following the sanitary procedures he himself promotes.

On March 10 only, pictures of the Undersecretary of Health were published walking in the Condesa neighborhood in Mexico City, after he himself made it clear that a Covid test had just been done and he still had enough load to be considered “contagious” and that he had not yet been discharged from hospital for epidemic reasons. .

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On this occasion, on his second visit to Oaxaca, the official stood smiling with his comrades and posing for pictures with the restaurant staff.

Currently Oaxaca is officially yellow in the epidemiological signal of the risk of contracting the Covid-19 virus for the federal government, the above after retreating from the green in which it was two weeks, before there was a recovery in infection; For a few days the facility reported a decrease in hospital occupancy.

According to the latest report from Oaxaca Health Services (SSO), it is currently at 17.1%; While the entity is accumulating 45,971 cases, 333 origins and 3486 deaths due to Covid-19.


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