Look out, today comes the full wrap for Xbox Game Pass

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Yesterday one arrived and today another arrived, we have a very interesting game on Xbox Game Pass. It's a game that didn't make much noise, rather than the first reviews of the game They do it very wellIt's a much better game than it sounds. With many new mechanics and a sense of humor that will make you smile more than once.

The title arrives today on Xbox Game Pass and is the penultimate game to be launched this week on the service, and there is another game for tomorrow. In total, in these five days we will have three new games on Xbox Game Pass and we do not want you to miss the one that arrives today.

A very exciting game is coming to Xbox Game Pass

The Other Crab's Treasure is a spiritual adventure set in a devastated underwater world. As Krill, the hermit crab, you'll have to use the trash around you as shells to resist attacks from enemies several times your size. Embark on an epic treasure hunt to recover your rescued shell and discover the dark secrets behind the polluted ocean.

  • Another Crab's Treasure – April 25 – Xbox Game Pass

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