“London was a gift and now we come for the gold we deserve.”

Madrid, 6 ago. (European Press) –

Spain’s water polo team player Mica Garcia explained that the 2012 London Olympics “was a gift” and that this time they are going with “very clear ideas” about gold that she feels “deserves”, while her partner Roser Tarago warned the US that they are arriving “extremely hungry”.

“London was a gift, and now we come to it, so we came with very clear ideas. We are confident in our games and we will continue our style. It is 32 minutes of giving everything in the water. At the time, nine years ago, we were a younger team. Qualifying for those games was a gift. Already and we were enjoying what was going down. Now we’re coming in for real gold. We already have silver and why don’t we get rid of the US?” Garcia asked himself before a press.

In addition, the blackjack has asked for more evaluation of its sport, not just every four years. “We deserve to be here, we deserve the gold and everything goes hand in hand with the sport, and in this case also for the women, OK. But we focus on the work we’ve been doing for so long. It’s nine years and seven podiums, which is what is being said. Quick but it’s not at all easy. Every day we put in a little bit to try and make our sport visible, it’s so underrated and we want it not only at important moments like right now. We hope water polo continues to be there, where it deserves to be,” Desire.

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For his part, Tarago confirmed that they arrived “extremely hungry” for their second Olympic final. “We really want to play and show why we are here. In London we were beginners, but we are no longer. The only thing we have to do to win is to give our best. Lots of strength and options. We have options for both teams, but this time we feel really confident.” .

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