London is already Europe’s first ultra-low emissions capital, and driving through the UK capital has a fee and isn’t cheap

If you are thinking of traveling to the UK with your car or renting one in the UK capital for your travels, then this is for you. As of today, London is a city virtually protected from road traffic, with its entire stretch designated as a ULEZ, with very low polluting emissions. Only a few cars will be able to drive, not all, and of course pay.

Last year, Europe forced all member states to implement what it calls ZBE. abbreviation of the low emission zones (ZBE)It is a measure to reduce traffic in cities big and small that is already being implemented and will impose heavy penalties on those who do not comply with it. In Spain, city councils are responsible for designing the extent that these new areas occupyWhich can only be accessed by residents and those proven to work in it.

It is a procedure, in United kingdomThey pushed it to the limits. We already know how the British are and that they always want to be first in everything, so Their LEZs became ULEZ. Four letters have an important meaning behind them, they are «very low emission zone». It is another step that protects the capital of Great Britain almost completely, giving priority to the use of public transport and electric vehicles.

Euro 4 to Euro 6 cars can travel around London without paying urban and intercity tolls

The United Kingdom only allows the use of electric and public transport in London

All areas of London are already considered ULEZ from today 29 September 2023, Valid 24 hours a day, from midnight to midnight, every day of the year except Christmas Day. But not for everyone, because vehicles with Euro 4, Euro 5 and Euro 6 petrol engines, the latter also for diesel, may continue to circulate in these very low emission zones.

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The Greater European Capital Council was established Plan cancellation for this type of vehicle that does not comply With stringent anti-pollution standards of EGP 160m, which owners can benefit from to replace their car, or choose one of them. public transportation plans that are designed. The obvious thing is that if you drive into London, you will have to pay a toll to drive around.

The ULEZs are the next level of low emission zones in Spain

And these prices are not cheap, because Each day costs about 15 euros. If the rule is broken and you drive at night, the penalty is up to double that amount. If your car is not very low emission you will have to register it and if you don’t you run a high risk of having to pay 210 euro fineAs they did not leave a street without a camera to monitor the registration of all vehicles, whether foreign or otherwise.

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