London has overtaken Dubai as the largest city for foreign investment in finance

Bloomberg – London has attracted more foreign investment in financial firms Than any other city last year, confirming the attractiveness square mile (used to refer to London’s business and financial district) For investors even after the UK leaves the European Union.

The British capital attracted 600 million pounds ($764 million) Investing in 114 financial and professional services projects in 2021According to a report released on Tuesday by the City of London Corporation. who – which It puts it ahead of Dubai, Singapore, New York and Paris.

In general, the United Kingdom Attracted 186 such projects, worth £1.1 billion ($1.383 million) in 2021what or what This puts it second only to the 234 charted by the United States. The report, which did not detail the value of investments secured by other countries, is a reminder of finance’s enduring role as one of the UK’s most important exports.

“We must prepare the sector for the future and ensure that we remain globally competitive,” he said in the report. Catherine McGuinnessHead of Policy Making for the City of London.

The report says that the number of construction projects Attractive financial and professional services to the UK grew by 8% in 2021. But there is still one A long way to go before we reach pre-pandemic levels After foreign investment in finance and insurance Decreases by 30% between 2019 and 2020 globally.

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signatures financial technology (fintech companies) have been the largest source of investment in financial services in the UK, It represents a third, according to the report. Payment companies Klarna and Airwallex included, as well as financial solutions company Portfy.

Fintech in London

This article was translated by Miriam Salazar

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