Logan Paul takes action after discovering that the $3.5 million Pokemon TCG fund he paid for isn’t unique – Nintendros

We get an interesting message regarding one of the most beloved franchises by nintenderos. It’s effective around Pokemon… and Logan Ball.

how We hung them upThe website for Pokémon Trading Card PokeBeach questioned get selected JCC Logan PaulAnd recently done to pay 3.5 million dollars, claim that this group may be fake.

After doubts about the authenticity of the package, YouTube announced that I was going to travel to Chicago to see if the JCC letter box was originalBut during a live broadcast on January 5, he was surprised to discover that his box was not as unique in the world as he had thought.

Here you can see his reaction, when one of the participants in the broadcast, “Pokemon King” Gary, said, He stated that he had the same collection that belonged to the first edition:

Still It remains to be confirmed whether the combination of letters is true or false, but it’s very likely Logan Paul I wouldn’t spend 3.5 million dollars For a collector’s item that is not unique in the world. We will take care of more details.

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