Liverpool are preparing to promote Nike as Manchester United fears a turnover

It’s the start of a busy week for Liverpool.

The Reds are preparing for what traditionally is their biggest game of the season when they face Manchester United at Anfield on Sunday.

By then, United might be ahead of them in the Premier League table.

As the two rivals compete on the field, they are also off the pitch.

Here’s your last one Liverpool Summarize with two of our biggest stories from Monday.

Must read Liverpool FC news

Liverpool is preparing to gain financial support from Nike, naming rights and more.

Liverpool’s accounts are set to be revealed in the first few months of 2021, and the Reds, like many other clubs, are expected to feel the crisis of the coronavirus pandemic.

A record £ 550m sales last year will almost certainly drop, but not everything is so dismal for the Reds.

In fact, FSG has led a tight ship in recent years and Liverpool still has a lot of positive things about him off the field.

European accounting firm KPMG report on the financial impact of the Coronavirus on the six winners of the biggest domestic leagues in Europe, and while they anticipate serious declines in revenue, they believe Liverpool’s business will remain strong.

Things like the Nike Group deal in Liverpool and the impact of the naming rights partnership with Axa for the Reds training ground could start.

Read the full report here.

Manchester United must fear a change of role for Liverpool

Manchester United have been awarded a lot of penalties this season.

Almost twice the amount Liverpool got, in fact, with 11 penalties to six kicks from the Reds.

But don’t be surprised if there is anything from a turn change on Saturday.

And if so, then the Reds have Mohamed Salah on the cusp of a club record, ready and ready to escalate and take over.

Read Ian Doyle’s full report here.

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