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We provide news:

* Today’s news (morning)

* Live from Cuba (morning)

* Panorama of Latin America (morning)

* Saita (morning)

* Facts and events in the United States (evening).

* Daily exercise (morning)

* Scientific overview (evening)

As they appear in the programming from the scene:

* Recommended by Editor: Unemployed construction workers in Uruguay. By Orlando Oramas Leon in Montevideo

* Global Orbit: Angola plans to boost the livestock sector. By Maria Julia Mayoral, from Luanda

* Specials: Notepad

* Correspondents: Seven bills under consideration in the Vietnamese parliament. By Irma Pinheiro in Hanoi


They restored damaged schools in the Venezuelan city of Las Tejerías. Juan Carlos Diaz Guerrero from Caracas

Palestinian unity is the key to confronting the occupier, says Assad. Written by Fadi Maarouf from Damascus

Prevention is the first step. By Darisilides Castillo in Havana

Firm ideals and distinctive elements make a nation. By Dimarles Perez Martinez in Havana

* Counterpoint: New ways of continuing the Chilean constitutional process. By Carmen Esquivel in Santiago de Chile.

* Scanner: Five key points for the US midterm elections. By Nara Romero in Havana

Today we also offer the following news programmes:

Female Scientist: They stress the importance of regular breast exams. British Home Secretary resigns. The dispute over two quotas for the Libertadores Women’s Quarter-Finals

* Travel around the world: archaeological and antique sites in Peru

* Behind Celluloid: The superhero movie Black Adam will be released in the United States. Once Upon a Time returns to theaters after 70 years

* Literary Presentation: A new edition of Alejo Carpenter’s masterpiece will be presented in Cuba. The 11th International Poetry Week 2022 begins in the Dominican Republic

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Weekly summaries also appear on our website:

* A cultural and scientific overview

*seven days sport

* Weekly Economy

* In three minutes

* Cuba is not alone

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