Lionsgate+: when do you leave Mexico and what happens to the subscription?

In recent years, several broadcast platforms Where people can appreciate the endless content, either Movies, series, documentaries, TV series, matches of various sports, reality Offersamong many other things, something that has already worked for them and little by little users prefer to pay for this service.

Including streaming platforms lionsgate +which arrived in Mexico in October 2022, with the aim of being able to position itself in the country with its content and compete with other companies such as Netflix, HBO Max, Prime Video, and more.

However, this didn’t seem to work well for Lionsgate, so the streaming platform announced it was leaving Mexico and other countries in the meantime. latin america.

It was John Weltheimer, CEO of Lionsgate, who announced that the platform would be discontinued for December 31, 2023 And they’re just going to focus on continuing to serve countries like the US, UK and Canada, and that’s as a brand called Starz.

The platform, in addition to offering its own single service, has some bundles with Disney+ and Star+ services.

What will happen to my Lionsgate+ subscription?

In the event that you have a platform service, it will remain inactive until the above-mentioned date.

On the financial subject, there will be no cause for concern as Lionsgate+ will refund you the remaining money according to the plan you have.



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