Lionel Messi revealed what his life was like in Miami after arriving with his family: ‘I already knew what it was all about’

A month and a half later, with 9 goals and many celebrations with nods to Marvel superheroes, Lionel Messi has shared some details about his transfer and arrival in Miami with his family. Since his arrival in the United States, there has been a revolution in the country and all the fans want to see him play or train.

Lionel Messi’s confession, hours before the Grand Final, which sparked the madness of Inter Miami fans: “We are capable.”

Lionel Messi gave his first press conference as an Inter Miami player. For the first time he revealed how he is doing after his arrival.

Yesterday, after some time had passed since the Argentine star had acclimatised to the city and his new stage in Inter Miami, He held a press conference where he was encouraged to speak with many journalists from around the world. In it, the Rosario player could be seen quite happy, though He still has a few moving things to sort out, like finding his last home and moving his dog Hulk.

I’m honest, we ended up settling down because we were in Miami for a very short time, a month and a half ago. “He commented on 10 of the Argentine national team. “We still don’t have the house we’re going to live in.”He noted, adding: “We’re fine where we are, but we don’t have a definitive place to stay for this long.”.

What Lionel Messi said at the press conference

“The people and the club made everything very easy for us.”commented the Argentine. “The city is amazing and enables you to live in peace day after day”confirmed. “The kids start school and that eventually makes you settle in, and you finish getting used to it.”narrated.

Finally, at the conclusion of the conference, the Argentine star confirmed that everything was very simple and calm than they had imagined. “I already knew what this town was about and I actually loved it. I am happy, enjoying this new stage and living in this country.he finished.

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